Alex Cargill Quaich Tournament 2014

The archers in the photograph are left to right:- John Cameron, Stuart O'Donnell, Ron Clark, Martin Ridley, Jill Ridley, Alan Walker, David Cargill, Emma Borrie, Lisa Hemming, Alex Cargill, Ray Selman, Allan McDougall, Kneeling Joy McDougall and Roisin Butcher.

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The Crieff Archery Club held the above annual tournament on  Sunday 15th June on Ardvreck playing fields. The tournament is called a "Western" round and consists of 4 dozen arrows shot at 60yards and 4 dozen shot at 50 yards. Intermittent rain was a feature of the day but luckily the there was very little wind!

Novices shot 8 dozen arrows at 40 yards and Juniors shot at 20 yards. Various styles of bow were used in the contest -(recurve, compound and long bow).

Members ages ranged from 74 years to 8 years demonstrating that  it is indeed a sport for all ages.

The Quaich itself was presented to the club by it's President Alex Cargill 3 years ago to mark the 20th year since Alex formed the  club. The Quaich is now an annual event and this is the 3rd time it has been shot for--it can only be won by a recurve archer. There are separate trophies for other bow styles. The winner and Quaich Champion this year was Allan McDougall who scored 742 points out of a possible 864 points. The overall compound champion was Alex Cargill and Alan Walker was long bow champion. Our Lord Paramount for the day was Martin Ridley who presented the prizes to all the winners.

The club would like to thank Richard Harvey (headmaster) and Chloe Walker Ardvreck for their support and allowing the club to use the ground for the tournament.

The results are as follows:-

Overall Recurve and Quaich Champion Allan McDougall.742 points.
Overall Compound Champion Alex Cargill 822 points.
Overall Longbow Champion Alan Walker.447points.

1st Gent Recurve  Allan McDougall. 742 points 2nd Gent Recurve  Stuart O'Donnell.623 points.

1st Gent Compound  Alex Cargill. 822 points.
2nd Gent Compound  David Cargill.814 points.
3rd gent Compound  Ron Clark.  796 points.

1st Lady Recurve Emma Borrie .696 points.
2nd Lady Recurve Roisin Butcher.534 points.
3rd Lady Recurve Jill Ridley. 525 points.

1st Longbow Alan Walker. 447 points.

1st Novice Ray Selman. 685 points.
2nd Novice Lisa Hemming . 310 points.
3rd Novice John Cameron.298 points.

1st Junior Joy McDougall. 405 points.
2nd Junior Jamie cargill. 303 points.

Improvers Novice. Lisa Hemming.
Improvers Junior Joy McDougall.

Best gold winners were:- Emma Borrie, Alex Cargill, Jamie Cargill and Ray Selman.