Alex Cargill Quaich 2013

The Crieff Archery Club had it’s second Alex Cargill Quaich Tournament on Sunday 16th June 2013, at the Ardvreck playing fields.

The weather was great no wind and nice and warm. There were competitors shooting recurve and compound bows on the day with some very high scores recorded!

This year there were 2 under 12 archers competing David Calder and Jamie Cargill. We also had 2 junior Girls competing Emma Borrie and Cleodie Schneider who is a pupil of Ardvreck and a club member.

The more experienced archers shot a Western Round which consists of 48 arrows shot over 60yards and 48 arrows at 50yards. The maximum possible score is 864 points. The Alex Cargill Quaich can only be won by a recurve archer. This trophy was given to the club by Alex to be shot for annually to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the club.

A new trophy was awarded to the compound overall champion for the first time this year. Libby Borrie was Lady Paramount for the day and awarded the prizes at the end of the tournament.

The club members wore their new colours for the tournament with red tops and black bottoms. Derek Cargill  who is a club member  and who owns Cargill’s Auto’s (Bridge of Earn) sponsored the embroidering of the club logo’s for which all members were very grateful. This will be our “uniform” for all future club events.

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The results were :
Overall Recurve Champion (for the second time) Marcin Haisz. Score 744.
Overall Compound Champion Alex Cargill Score 838 (26 points from a maximum).
1st Recurve Gent  Marcin Haisz score 744.
2nd Recurve Gent Allan McDougall score  697.
1st Recurve Lady Roisin Butcher score 487.
1st Recurve Junior girl Emma Borrie score 720 (shot at 40yards).
1st Compound gent Alex Cargill score 838.
2nd Compound gent David George score 836.
3rd Compound gent David Cargill score 826.
1st David Calder score 516
2nd Jamie Cargill score 516
Most improved medal Jamie Cargill.
Best Gold awards;-
Recurve  Allan McDougall
Compound Alex Cargill
Junior girl Emma Borrie
Junior boy David Calder

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