Crieff Archery Club Alex Cargill Quaich

Alex Cargill Quaich trophy

To mark the club's 20th year, Alex donated the Quaich to be shot for annually. The first competition was held on Sunday 24th June 2012 and the first winner of the quaich is Marcin Haisz. Since the club was recurve only when it started competitors agreed that the quaich would be awarded to a recurve archer this year.

Before the competition started Alex Cargill, the Club President, paid tribute to Nick Butcher who died in May. Nick was Vice-President of the club and has put in a lot of time and effort into the club since he became a member. All present observed a 1 minute silence as a mark of respect.

Lady Paramount was Mrs. Rose Butcher, Nick's wife.

Our thanks to Richard Harvey and Ardvreck School for allowing us the use of the field.

Pethshire Advertiser - Quaich marks Crieff Archery Club’s 20th year. The article appeared in the Strathearn Herald as well. The Herald has been very supportive of our club since it started 20 years ago.


Left to right: John Purdie, Shelagh Walsh, Phil McGlone, David Cargill, Marcin Haisz, Alex Cargill and Ron Clark.

The full list of prize winners is:


        1st Gent Marcin Haisz
        2nd Gent John Purdie
        3rd Gent Alex Cargill

Recurve Barebow

        1st Gent Phil McGlone
        1st Lady Shelagh Walsh


        1st Gent David Cargill
        2nd Gent Ron Clark

Best Gold

        John Purdie

This was the first Crieff Archery Club competition that compound bows have featured in.


Following several days of bad weather and the day turned out to be very pleasant. Starting with a complete overcast the clouds cleared during the day to become quite summy by the end of the competition.

The Western round is shot over 60 and 50 yards. A medal was awarded to the Best Gold (i.e. arrow nearest the centre of the target) of the last 6 arrows shot at 60 yards. John won this after one of his arrows hit another archers arrow and was deflected closer to the centre.

Shelagh and Phil both shot well over the 2nd class scores for the Western round and Leigh Ross was only 3 points off a 2nd class score in his first competition.

This was not a record status shoot but Marcin's winning score of 742 and David's score of 769 exceeded the Scottish records. The Scottish Archery Association website gives the Scottish records for the Western round (at the date of the competition) as 726 for Gents Recurve and 682 for Gents Compound Unlimited. No records are listed for Barebow archers shooting the round.