Crieff Archery Club Annual Indoor Championship 2015


The Crieff Archery Club held their Annual Indoor Championship in Ardvrecks Finlay Hall on Sunday the 19th April.

The day saw 19 archers competing for the club prizes.There was 16 recurve and 3 compound archers all of whom achieved a very good standard.

The club would like to extend their thanks to Richard Harveythe (Headmaster) and Ali Kinge for all their support and for the use of the hall.

During the day several archers recorded very good scores with the novice archers shooting well in their first competition . The round shot was a Portsmouth which comprises 60 arrows shot at a distance of 20 yds. The maximum possible score being 600 points.

The club would like to thank the Lady Paramount Susan Ross for presenting the Prizes.


The results are as follows :

Overall    Recurve Club Champion,               Emma Borrie              Score 547

Overall Compound Club Champion               David George             Score 552

Ladies Recurve Champion                            Emma  Borrie              Score 547

Gents  Recurve Champion                            Allan McDougall          Score 542

Gents Compound Champion                         David George              Score 552


1st Gent Recurve                                          Alan McDougall           Score 542

2nd Gent Recurve                                        Jim   Clark                    Score 520

3rd gent Recurve                                          Harry McColl                Score 496


1st Ladies   Recurve                                     Emma Borrie                Score547

2nd Ladies  Recurve                                     Dee King                      Score 439

 3rd Ladies   Recurve                                     Roisin Butcher              Score 417


1st Gent  Compound                                     David George              Score 552

2nd Gent Compound                                     Alex Cargill                  Score 550

3rd Gent  Compound                                     Ron Clark                    Score 518


1st Junior Recurve                                      Keir McEwan                 Score 405

2nd Junior Recurve                                     Lewis Walker                 Score 387

3rd Junior Recurve                                      Daniel Ross                   Score 334


1st Novice Recurve                                    Jim Clark                       Score 520

2nd Novice Recurve                                   Harry  McColl                Score 496

3rd Novice Recurve                                   Tony Walker                   Score 492


Best Gold Recurve                                     Emma Borrie

Best Gold Compound                                 Ron Clark

 Best Gold Junior                                         Lewis Walker

Winner of the Improvers prize was             Ray Selman                    Score increase +47

After a very successful competition the club went for a delicious meal at the Gallery Restaurant in Crieff where Jim Clark on behalf off the club Presented Alex Cargill with the Coaching recognition award for all his tremendous efforts in keeping all the archers on target.

Back row ; Stuart O’Donnell, Hamish Walker, Lewis Walker, Ray Selman, Harry McColl, Alex Cargill
Middle Row : John Cameron, Dee King, Rose Butcher, Jim Clark, Tony Walker, David George, Ron Clark
Front Row: Emma Borrie, Daniel Ross, Kier McEwan, Roisin Butcher, Julie Walker, Allan McDougall