Indoor Championship

20th Annual Indoor Tournament 2013

Crieff Archery Club held it’s 20th Annual Indoor Tournament in Ardvreck’s Finlay hall.

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The shoot was well attended and the shooting of a high standard.This was the first year 4 archers were shooting “compound bows”.

A special mention to Cleodie Schneider who is a pupil at Ardvreck who attended her first archery tournament. Cleodie won the best gold (Junior),the improvement award donated by Afford Awards and 2nd place Silver medal in the junior section-an excellent effort!

The club would like to thank Richard Harvey (Headmaster Ardvreck), Chloe Walker and Diane Crighton for their support. The prizes for the event were presented by Alison Lowson, Regional Editor Trinity Mirror. This was much appreciated by the archers and our youngest competitor Cleodie Schneider presented Alison with a token of our appreciation.

The results are.

Overall Recurve Champion---Jill Ridley 500 points
Overall Compound Champion---David George 552 points
Junior Recurve Champion----Emma Borrie 448 points

First Recurve Lady---Jill Ridley 500 points
Second Recurve Lady---Roisin Butcher 456 points

First Recurve Gent----Stuart O’Donnell 475 points
Second Recurve Gent-----Kevin Thomas 465 points

First Compound Gent—David George 552 points (16 golds)
Second Compound Gent—Alex Cargill 552 points (13 golds)
Third Compound Gent ----David Cargill 544 points
Fourth Compound Gent---Ron Clark 515 points

First Junior ---Emma Borrie 448 points
Second Junior---Cleodie Schneider 328 points

Best Gold Recurve—Kevin Thomas
Best Gold Compound—David George
Best Gold junior---Cleodie Schneider


 Crieff Archery Club indoor competition 2013

David Cargill, Alex Cargill, Jill Ridley, Cleodie Schneider, Stuart O’Donnell, Roisin Butcher, Ron Clark, Emma Borrie, David George, Kevin Thomas.


Archers Annual Tournament

On Sunday, 25th of March 2012, Crieff Archery Club held their 19th Annual Indoor Tournament, with a great score handed in by all participating

Medals and trophies were presented by our Lady Paramount Mrs Rosemary Butcher who also served up a lovely, superb afternoon tea for the archers after the shoot. A good day was had by all. Thank you to everyone who made the day a good one.
First Gent and Overall Champion and First Lady

2012 Indoor championship  2012 Indoor championship

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Winners included

        First Lady - Roisin Butcher
        Followed by Second Lady - Shelagh Walsh
        3rd Gent - Nick Butcher
        2nd Gent - David George
        and last but not least our 1st Gent and Overall Champion - John Purdie.
        And Best Gold awarded to - Shelagh Walsh