Crieff Archery Club 22nd Annual Archery Championships - Sunday 24th August 2014

The club had a good turnout for the Championships at the Ardvreck Playing fields  with the weather being very kind.
We had Recurve and Compound archers competing giving a good variety to the day. Our competitors ages ranged from 75 years to two archers aged 8.
The round we shot is called an “American” which consists of 90 arrows shot over 60yards,50yards and 40 yards. The maximum possible score is 810 points.
Novices shot at 40 yards and the juniors shot at 20 yards.
The club would like to thank Richard Harvey (Headmaster )Ardvreck for allowing us to use the facilities. Libby Borrie was “Lady Paramount” for the day and presented prizes at the conclusion of the shoot.
Roisin Butcher presented the “Nick Butcher “handicap trophy which was presented to the club by herself and her mother Rose in memory of her father who was vice president of the club before his untimely death.

The overall club Recurve champion was Allan McDougall with a score of 739 points .

The overall club  Compound  champion was Alex Cargill with a new club record score of 798 points. Whilst the Tournament was not record status, Alex’s score of 798 was 6 points higher than the current Scottish Record of 792 set in July 2013.The maximum possible score for an American round is 810 points

Other results are as follows:-

1st Gent   Recurve Allan McDougall     739 points.
2nd Gent  Recurve Stuart O’Donnell    596 points.
3rd Gent Recurve   Ray Selman           437 points.

1st  Gent Compound  Alex Cargill         798 points.
2nd Gent Compound  Ron Clark           768 points.
3rd  Gent Compound    David Cargill    733 points.

1st Lady Recurve  Emma Borrie           619 points.
2nd Lady Recurve Roisin Butcher         516 points.

1st Novice Recurve  Tia Eadie              504 points.
2nd Novice Recurve  John Cameron    430 points.

1st Junior Recurve  Jamie Cargill         594 points.
2nd Junior Recurve Joy McDougall      426 points.

Improvers Prize Joy McDougall.

Best Gold Compound    Ron Clark.
Best Gold Recurve        Emma Borrie.
Best Gold Junior           Jamie Cargill.
Best Gold Novice          Tia Eadie.

The “Nick Butcher “ handicap trophy was won by Ron Clark--- handicap score  1456.(+16).