Annual Outdoor Championship 25th August 2013


The Crieff Archery Club held its 21st championships at the Ardvreck playing fields on Sunday 25th August. The weather turned out to be ideal and resulted in a number of the archers recording their best ever scores.We had a number of different bow styles shooting on the day in the contest. Alan Walker  – an experienced “long bow” archer recently joined the club and shot his bow to good effect during the day. This was a first for the club and added to the day. We also now have recurve and compound bows competing and all recording very good scores.


The club invited Brian Strachan from Banchory club to join us as a guest. Brian is one of the foremost experts in compound archery in Britain and is one of around 1000 archers in the world to hold the coveted  1350 F.I.T.A. Star Award. Brian shot very well to record 806 points out of a possible 810.


The tournament was an “American Round”  which consists of 90 arrows shot over 60,50 and 40 yards. The maximum possible is 810 points. The club would like to thank Richard Harvey (Headmaster Ardvreck) and Chloe Walker for their support.


We had a good turnout of archers shooting with an age range of over 60 to Jamie Cargill who is only 7 years of age! All archers agreed at the start that in the event of a draw there would be a shoot-off with one arrow deciding the winner. As it happened David Cargill and his father Alex tied in the compound division with 790 points. This added some “spice” to the end of the shoot with Alex’s arrow winning by a narrow margin.


Allan McDougall the clubs vice president donated classification badges to members who had qualified during the year—Alex Cargill 1st class, Allan McDougall 2nd class, Marcin Haisz 2nd class, Emma Borrie, 2nd class, Roisin Butcher 2nd class and Ron Clark 2nd class.


A special Handicap Trophy was donated last year by Rose and Roisin Butcher in memory of Nick Butcher who was club Vice President. Nick’s daughter Roisin presented the  trophy to this year’s winner Allan McDougall. All in all the day was a great success and shot in a great spirit with all members  having a good days shooting. Allan McDougall’s partner Tammy came along and presented prizes as Lady Paramount and spent the day at the tournament which was much appreciated. Special congratulations to Desiree and Leigh Ross two of our members who recently got married!


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American Round (possible score 810 points )


Overall Recurve Champion             Marcin Haisz    748

Overall Compound Champion       Alex Cargill        790



1St Gent         Marcin Haisz              748

2nd Gent        Allan McDougall        732


1st Lady        Emma Borrie                 516

2nd Lady       Roisin Butcher             479


1st U/12         Jamie Cargill               599


1st Long Bow    Alan Walker          425



1st Gent     Alex Cargill                    790

2nd Gent   David Cargill                   790

3rd Gent    David George                784


Nick Butcher Handicap Trophy

Winner  Allan McDougall              1474


1st Visitor  Brian Strachan               806


Best Gold Lady    Emma Borrie

Best Gold Gent   Brian Strachan


Improvers medal   Jamie Cargill