Crieff Archery Club Members compete in their first 'Worcester Challenge'

Members of the Crieff Archery Club held their first “Worcester Challenge” Tournament on Sunday 16th November. This consisted of 60 arrows shot at 20 yards on a 40 centimetre target face. The maximum score possible is 300 points!

The shoot went very well and some very high scores were recorded. The club would like to thank Ali Kinge of Ardvreck school for her support and making the hall available for our use.

The club had entries from members of all ages and competition for prizes was fierce with both Compound and Recurve bows in use! Prizes were presented by Libby Borrie at the end of shooting. After the shoot the club had a dinner and the day proved most enjoyable. Members are planning to have this Tournament as an annual event.


Results are as follows:--


Compound Champion—Alex Cargill                290 points.

Recurve Champion  ----Allan Mc Dougall       259 points.

Junior Champion----- Jamie Cargill                     80 points.

Handicap Champion----John Cameron        1499 points.

1st Gent Recurve------ Allan Mc Dougall         259 points.

1st Ladies Recurve ---Emma Borrie                   257 points.

2nd Gent Compound---- Ron Clark                    241points.

2nd Gent Recurve    ------Stuart O’Donnell     252 points.

2nd Ladies  Recurve ----Roisin Butcher             207 points.

2nd Junior Recurve-------Joy Mc Dougall             24 points.

3rd Gent Recurve   ------- Ray Selman                199 points.

Centreshot Compound  ---Alex Cargill.

Centreshot Recurve   -----Emma Borrie.

Centreshot Junior   --------Jamie Cargill