Barebow Archery

In general terms, barebow archery is done by hand and eye in one of the traditional manners, without sights, and usually without external weights for stabilizers.

The club does not offer tuition in barebow archery, however we do have members who use barebows and would be able to advise on where to get tuition.


Club  member Shelagh Walsh was the highest scoring lady at the Scottish leg of the British Barebow Championship and won the venue Gold medal.

Shelagh was also in the Scotland team for the Home Nations' Championship event of the Barebow Championship.


Visit to Dalmore Archers

Phil arranged for some of us visited Dalmore Archers to try field archery and the 3-D round. He and Shelagh took us round the field course before we took a lunch break then we went on to 3-D course shooting at models of animals including boars and bears. Our thanks to Phil and Shelagh for an enjoyable day. Click this link for more information on the day spent with Dalmore Archers