Compound Archery

A compound bow is a modern day bow that uses a levering system, usually of cables and pulleys, to bend the limbs.
The limbs of a compound bow are usually much stiffer than those of a recurve bow or longbow. This limb stiffness makes the compound bow more energy efficient than other bows, but the limbs are too stiff to be drawn comfortably with a string attached directly to them. The compound bow has the string attached to the pulleys, one or both of which has one or more cables attached to the opposite limb. When the string is drawn back, the string causes the pulleys to turn. This causes the pulleys to pull the cables, which in turn causes the limbs to bend and thus store energy.
The use of this levering system gives the compound bow a characteristic draw-force curve which rises to a peak weight and then lets off to a lower holding weight.

The compound bow is little-affected by changes of temperature and humidity and gives superior accuracy, velocity, and distance in comparison to other bows. The compound bow was first developed and patented in Missouri in 1967 and has become increasingly popular. In the United States, the compound is the dominant form of bow.



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hs-setupAlex and David Cargill have recently purchased compound bows after many years of shooting recurve bows.

Leslie MacPherson from Quicks archery had mentioned to Brian Strachan that they had changed to compound and Brian got in touch to offer his help in setting them up. Alex has been friends with Brian and his dad Syd for many years but hadn’t seen them for ages.

Brian is one of Britain’s most successful archers and is an expert in the set up of compound bows and tuning. He has spent years analysing the techniques of successful archers all over the world to refine the key aspects of their shooting which makes them the best in the world.

Brian is a member of the few elite archers in the world who hold the coveted 1350 F.I.T.A. Star. To achieve this you have to score 1350 out of a possible 1440 points in a F.I.T.A. tournament outdoors. This involves shooting 144 arrows (36 at each distance 90 metres, 70 metres, 50 metres and 30 metres). This is an incredible achievement and speaks volumes to Brian’s dedication to achieving total accuracy.

To ensure his bow is set up correctly Brian has invested in a “ HOOTER SHOOTER”- a mechanical shooting machine which shoots your bow but eliminates any human error, subsequently showing any errors in the bows set up. You can click on the Banchory Archers Link on our web site to enquire about getting your own bow tuned!

Alex and David spent the day getting the bows tuned and one of the photographs shows Alex’s arrows (after tuning) shot with the” Hooter Shooter” at 50 metres. The group speaks for itself! During the day Brian checked both archers technique and set up and advised on equipment, saving both considerable time and money. It was amazing how the adjustments Brian made through his knowledge and experience made such a difference.

Alex and David departed full of confidence that they now can rely on their bows to shoot accurately. Many thanks to Brian for all his efforts.

To set up an appointment to have your compound bow tuned, visit