Portsmouth 570

Kevin Wilson was the first in the club to achieve the new Portsmouth 570 badge with some truly excellent shooting on the 18th December 2022, well done Kevin!





       Worcester 2022


We held our annual Worcester Tournament on Sunday 27th  November 2022 at the Campus. 

The tournament was well attended and many good scores obtained and even some personal bests achieved.

This took place in the morning, and the scores acted as a qualifier for the knock out head to head which followed after lunch.

The head to head was fun with much cheering and even some good hearted jeering! The final was tight with Derek Cargill finally emerging as the victor over Allan McDougall.   This was remarkable as it is not often a Recurve "slaughters" a compound archer in excellent form!

The awards were presented by the Lord Paramount, Alex Cargill, and many photos were taken, some of which will appear on our public facebook page.


Full results can be found on the competition page.